Best-Worst Dog Owner

Last winter


Better Late than Never

i started this blog quite a long time ago & then, well, i got rolled up into other things…
i dove headfirst into the Autistic Community on Facebook, as an outsider, graciously hoping to learn & i did & still am & my role has shifted from outsider to ally/advocate.
at some point, i will write more on all of that… about neurodiversity & about the overwhelming belief i have that the neurodiversity movement IS the most important civil rights battle of our time.

last winter, i discovered digital collage.  this new ability to collage, without all the mess & supplies that IRL collage entails, has literally helped me keep my sanity.  i have always been a creative person & i truly love art in all its multiplicity of forms.  i am not what i would deem that great of an artist, i have always had a bit more of an editor’s eye..
it occurred to me today, at random, while drinking my coffee, that i can post some of my collages here.

this is the first collage i did where i felt like i had really hit it, that it all came together. the collage was made for a contest, i prefer to call them challenges, in an art group on called CutMasters.  this group has been very educational & inspiring when it comes to my pieces…  the challenges for CutMasters begin with 4 items that must be used in the collage & then other items may be brought into use.
more soonish ~xx

Shadow in the Fog, February 2015:




i am attempting to figure out the whole blogging thing.
i’ve read some blogs, met some great people, and generally left overly long commentary all over wordpress.
i have to say i’m finding the themes a bit limiting.  i can be picky like that. 
so this is all very much a work in progress. 
my lack of css background in any way, shape or form makes it difficult in creating the look of things.
so apparently, i’ll be learning some css.

in my attempts to work on my header recently, i was unable to change font color, so the words are a bit tough to read.
so i thought i would put them here, as well, as it offers a peak into what will be happening.

intellectual stimulation
streams of consciousness rambling
are you fucking kidding me ranting
some questions need answering
curiosity ever expanding
snarky put your coffee down laughing
continuous conversation

i’m not sure how i’m feeling about the rhyme aspect.
and yes, there will be expletives in my writing.