i am attempting to figure out the whole blogging thing.
i’ve read some blogs, met some great people, and generally left overly long commentary all over wordpress.
i have to say i’m finding the themes a bit limiting.  i can be picky like that. 
so this is all very much a work in progress. 
my lack of css background in any way, shape or form makes it difficult in creating the look of things.
so apparently, i’ll be learning some css.

in my attempts to work on my header recently, i was unable to change font color, so the words are a bit tough to read.
so i thought i would put them here, as well, as it offers a peak into what will be happening.

intellectual stimulation
streams of consciousness rambling
are you fucking kidding me ranting
some questions need answering
curiosity ever expanding
snarky put your coffee down laughing
continuous conversation

i’m not sure how i’m feeling about the rhyme aspect.
and yes, there will be expletives in my writing.


12 thoughts on “Intent

  1. Your “long” unlimiting comment gems I mined on WP make my world sparkle still. I like that you notice pink elephants and prophets discussing them into this plane of awareness.
    A knight of the realm

    1. Ah yes, I leave rambling commentary all over wordpress… it is in some ways a step towards my own writing & in others my general enjoyment of conversation and exploration. I would like for things to be conversational on my blog. One thing I have noticed in my flitting around making comments is that, more often than not, it seems as though people don’t read the comments for a given post. They simply reply to the post, itself. I would very much like to develop more conversation between readers, as well. Later~xx

      1. lol that’s why often, not always, comments are skipped. “great post” and vage platitudes that are not conversation, I don’t bother to answer. It messes with conversation.
        Your comments, well I wish I could subscribe to them all over the net. : )
        Some posts like some of the people who have interesting comments on my blog, you go to theirs and it’s like a party! I love blog/comment parties. I thinkI can just say that we, met at a party Xandra. : )

      2. thank you!! i imagine some of my commentary will be added here in some form or another. perhaps a bit more organized than previous off the cuff typed with my mobile random thoughts. yes, i was outside smoking, looking at the moon and taking a break from the “cocktail party” noise of endless chatter, and came across a wayward spirit…

  2. I remember the moment I noticed you. You commented that you thought Powder was a prophet. That is something I have never dared say, or heard before. Afterward you recommended another movie. I wrote the down the title , but lost the paper. What was it, again, please? Now I have time to watch it. : )
    Then you leave a link, like a wrapped gift of Joss Wheadon’s commencement address to your University.
    Watching it again.
    Since hero worship is disgusting he is my nemesis.

    1. It was my 15 year reunion this year, and I was unable to go, but very happy I was able to watch Joss Whedon’s speech.
      Commencement time is always interesting, as so many different people from different walks of life give their speeches to graduates.

      oh yes, I’m quite firm in my opinion of Powder, definitely a prophet.

      The other films I mentioned are Baraka & Samsara.

      Both films are worth watching. There is no dialogue, it is all a glorious presentation of images from a multiplicity of places & cultures worldwide set to music. The pace is rather slow/moderate, so there is time to take in the images, and appreciate juxtaposition. Baraka is part of my personal dvd collection. Samsara I only saw the beginning of, as there was a bit of a miscommunication, & it went back to netflix before I was able to finish it. I have to add it to my watch list again. Let me know your thoughts on the films, if you have the time.

    2. Hello Xandra and the WaywardSpirit. I feel compelled to start my part in your conversation by stating a number of things for consideration: 1) I too ‘often’ comment on a persons post before reading all or indeed any of the comments already posted. Because I feel something from the original post and I do not wish my thoughts or considerations taken off on 49 tangents. 2) I would like to meet a software programmer who would work with me (or at least give me a little recognition for an idea I had around rten years ago) before the iPad and tablets, when I said to Apple (true) that it was crazy not having a format where what you were reading was on the desk in front of you blah blah. The part that they haven’t designed is that I said, conversations, such as these, lose themselves in this linear format. What I suggested is a speech bubble, text like box which links to each other comment of relevance and is distributed over a/the page, almost like a family tree or cartoon page. By hovering over each bubble it enlarges. By double-clicking you open it and have the opportunity to reply to that link and draw links to others… I’m sure that you get it. This would make the whole conversation more interactive? More real? Almost as though people are interrupting each other.. Not that that is a good thing to do of course. Whilst going through your conversation, eager to see if anybody else is going to join in I come to point 3) Get a room you two! ;-D)
      Meanwhile, you really met? WPress as other social sites is quite surreal isn’t it that we establish relationships with others miles away from us. Through our written words do you think that we have a better chance of communicating more effectively? I like to think so as we have more time to think about, edit even that which we say. You see my point on point “) ;-D)
      In hope that you see my humour here is a great inaugural speech thingy:

  3. Thanks for the follow, I will do the same. For what it’s worth most of the time when I post, I just sit down and write down whatever happens to be in this small brain of mine. I don’t get to hung up on themes I just do what I feel like doing if people don’t like it I don’t care I am blogging for me first and foremost 😊

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