Better Late than Never

i started this blog quite a long time ago & then, well, i got rolled up into other things…
i dove headfirst into the Autistic Community on Facebook, as an outsider, graciously hoping to learn & i did & still am & my role has shifted from outsider to ally/advocate.
at some point, i will write more on all of that… about neurodiversity & about the overwhelming belief i have that the neurodiversity movement IS the most important civil rights battle of our time.

last winter, i discovered digital collage.  this new ability to collage, without all the mess & supplies that IRL collage entails, has literally helped me keep my sanity.  i have always been a creative person & i truly love art in all its multiplicity of forms.  i am not what i would deem that great of an artist, i have always had a bit more of an editor’s eye..
it occurred to me today, at random, while drinking my coffee, that i can post some of my collages here.

this is the first collage i did where i felt like i had really hit it, that it all came together. the collage was made for a contest, i prefer to call them challenges, in an art group on called CutMasters.  this group has been very educational & inspiring when it comes to my pieces…  the challenges for CutMasters begin with 4 items that must be used in the collage & then other items may be brought into use.
more soonish ~xx

Shadow in the Fog, February 2015:



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